Alfonso Medina

He has been working as a winemaker for more tan 20 years, from the crops to the bottle. His experience goes through several DOs, working with different grape varieties and production methods. He is also a member of the Tasting Committee of the Ribera del Duero Council.

What stands out most of the wines I create is the taste, since my focus is to make very round and silky wines. Aromatically, they are very complex, with very good balance between oak and fruit, which usually showns its mature character
Enóloga provando un vino


María José Esteban

Winemaker and chemist, with more than 15 years of experience, producing both in Spanish and foreign wineries. In the last years of her career, she has been advising wineries from different regions of Spain in the elaboration of their wines, thus acquiring significant experience in different soils, climates and grape varieties, as well as different winemaking methods. Nowadays, María José has joint the Bodegas Viyuela as she wants to develop a project that really feels like her own and where she can inprint all her experience into practice and pour out all her passion and love for wine. 


What I am looking for when making is to enhance the expressiveness of the variety, and at the same time achieve complex, very aromatic, round and smooth wines, with the utmost respect for the raw material and taking care of every detail to achieve high quality wines.