In our facilities we take care of every detail that takes part in the elaboration process, in order to create unbeatable conditions that will determine the maximum quality of our wines.

Our winery

From the terrace of the winery we have incredible views of the town and the wide extensions of vineyards that are in the surrounding area.

The unevenness of the land helped to create a modern and functional winery, with underground aging rooms, which allows us to keep constant temperature and humidity conditions all year round in a natural way, and contributes to respect for the environment. We also have a large elaborating room and a functional warehouse for finished products Everything is in the same building and plant.

The building consists of four buildings in addition to the area of ​​offices and services or leisure. These are divided into: elaboration, bottling, barrels and bottles.

The winery is prepared to receive visitors for wine pairings, tastings, winery tours etc. If you desire more information, please, contact us.

Bodegas Viyuela

Our winery

Visual tour of Viyuela vineyards and wineries